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The Naughty Elf December 2017


The naughty elf has been up to mischief in year 1 this week. On Tuesday he ruined our modelled write, because we had not used conjunctions. Luckily we are fantastic writers in year 1, so we improved it and wrote our own letters to santa. On Wednesday he covered the classroom in toilet roll, which […]

Science December 2017


In year 1 our science big question is ‘What material could we use to make a pirate ship?’. We have looked at objects, materials and their properties. This week we carried out an experiment where we made small pirate ships to test the materials on water. First we predicted if our ship would float or […]

Anti-Bullying Week November 2017


In Year 1 we began Anti-Bullying Week by wearing odd socks to raise awareness for this years focus ‘All different All equal’. We looked at what bullying was and how we could stop bullying. The children discussed how they had similarities and differences, but regardless of this they are all equal.                                      […]

Old School Day October 2017

IMG_0499 (2)

Year 1 went back in time to experience what school was like in the past as part of our Big Question topic. The teachers were very strict and we wrote on chalk boards. Our lessons were very different and we tried some gruel for breakfast!!!!  Would you prefer to go to school in the past […]